Thank you for the opportunity to once again be President of this Association. The Association has once again had a busy year.

The Association has continued to monitor business activity in the Gabba and provide a forum for business to unite to advance the interests of business in the Gabba. Steve Hammond and your executive team have continued working on Gabbafest to make it a reality but unfortunately the date has had to be moved again. We have seen the feasibility study for the cross river rail link now named the BAT Tunnel which tha Premier says will proceed even though there is no money for it at the moment conclude. We have seen the completion of the sewerage upgrade and the vacant site in Gibbons St is up for sale. We have contested the inclusion of the Gabba in the CBD framework in an attempt to ensure business is not adversely affected by the new arrangement.

The BT Group, operators of the Chalk Hotel, has approval for its plans for development of their site behind the Hotel after a challenge in the Courts. The development will change the skyline in Hawthorne St. Reid St and Hubert St whilst the streetscape in Stanley will look unchanged. Approval has been given to the development to be made up of 4 towers containing some retail at ground level and one and two bedroom apartments above. The hotel will also undergo some remodeling with the old Joe Richards store making way for an extension to the Hotel with a car parking podium above. The project will be developed over the next five to ten years depending on the state of the property market.

Mater has been active acquiring property around Annerley Rd and Stanley st intersection as weel as constructing the extensions to the hospital. Pellicano has been active in Logan Road with two projects and now Stanley St with “Trafalgar Lane”. The site including Ford service Centre and the car yards in Ipswich Rd is progressing and we are seeing changes at No 1 Deshon St. So the Gabba is seeing something more than infrastructure being built but what we are not seeing is the growth of small businesses in the Gabba. The Association hopes that with the new residential construction growth in the service industries in the Gabba will come.

In November we had the Association Xmas party and the Treasurer reported that he had a good time. We have upgraded the website and conducted networking meetings at various members businesses. The next networking meeting will introduce the next project the Association hopes to lead to provide an exciting entrance to the Gabba off the Freeway and to utilise and link up the green spaces and pedestrian accesses and interlink green space architecture and projects involving neuroscience and entomology.

We have had a successful year thanks to my Treasurer Glenn Maymann, Vice President Suzanne Bosenquet and the committee of Paul Hey and Paul Ryan and the support from the Chalk Hotel, Councillor Helen Abrahams and our web site sponsors and networking meeting sponsors. Thanks also to our auditors Wilsons Accounting for their professional service.

Glendon Young