Member Benefits

Why Become a Member?

Becoming a part of the Gabba Business Association will support the growth and viability of your business by ensuring you have a seat at the table for all the goings on in the Gabba area. We are establishing benefits for members under 4 strands of delivery:


Regular events so that we can connect you to the people you want and need to meet. We vary the focus and location of these meetings so we can cater for a range of times and interests.


Lots of change is coming to our area and we endeavour to keep you informed with details that may affect you. This may be major projects in the area, new services or keeping on top of Gabba events. We report on news items at regular meetings and have all the latest news listed on our website so you can read at your leisure.


GBA is becoming a dynamic and vibrant business influencer for inner south east Brisbane. We provide an objective voice of business for the area and are regularly a part of the Inner South Stakeholder group for BCC. We lobby directly to local, state and federal government on issues of importance which are integral to the local Business Community and Government, championing what’s best for the GBA area.


We are always trying to get the best for our members, whether that be access to the Members Discounts Programs or to reciprocal rights with our partners. Additionally, as a part of our events program, we organise sessions that support the continued professional development of your business and personnel.