Featured Business – Panther Data

20131120_103106For this month’s local Woolloongabba business profile I was lucky enough to sit down with Bruce Currie from Panther Data.  Located at the corner of Annerley Rd and Park Rd, Panther Data has a great range of printing and data supplies.  Bruce himself is one of the great characters of the Gabba business community, armed with a wealth of technical knowledge and a great sense of humour.

Tell us about the business is and what you do.

We have been in the Gabba since 1996, for 18 years now. I started in September 1987, operating from my bedroom at home.  Then in September 1996 we moved into the Gabba, and started renting this building, and got a building built next door, with approval from the council.


Snowscene – A Really Cool Local Business

Snowscene Office This month’s featured business is Snowscene.

Family owned & run by Emily Warbrick; daughter of the owner, Snowscene is a Woolloongabba based travel agency specialising in ski and snowboard holidays.
I sat down with Emily General Manager and Groups Snow specialist Jess Doherty to learn more. Jess has been with the business 5 years – a great sign of their experienced staff and family nature.

How long have you been operating in the Gabba?

We’ve been in the Gabba for 15 years. Before that we were operating in Brisbane City. In 1984 Snowscene as a whole was going into liquidation, and our director, who is also my father, bought the business and took over existing staff. One of them is still with us today; our accounts manager Kerri Karayan. So that’s been the journey – it’s gone from 2-3 people to a team of twelve. (more…)