Snowscene – A Really Cool Local Business

Snowscene Office This month’s featured business is Snowscene.

Family owned & run by Emily Warbrick; daughter of the owner, Snowscene is a Woolloongabba based travel agency specialising in ski and snowboard holidays.
I sat down with Emily General Manager and Groups Snow specialist Jess Doherty to learn more. Jess has been with the business 5 years – a great sign of their experienced staff and family nature.

How long have you been operating in the Gabba?

We’ve been in the Gabba for 15 years. Before that we were operating in Brisbane City. In 1984 Snowscene as a whole was going into liquidation, and our director, who is also my father, bought the business and took over existing staff. One of them is still with us today; our accounts manager Kerri Karayan. So that’s been the journey – it’s gone from 2-3 people to a team of twelve. (more…)

Petition – Changes to the Rating Formula

Changes to the Council rating system could see rates in the Gabba increase between 12% and 18% on commercial property. Council has agreed to contain the increase to 5% per annum unless the property changes hands in which case the higher increase will apply.

Council says that the Gabba already receives superior services to other suburbs and the increase is justified.

Your Association argues that we have not seen any benefits but rather the continual infrastructure development has harmed business and development in the Gabba.

You can support our challenge to this rating hike by signing our e-petition. Click on the following link sign the petition and support business in the Gabba.